Video Promotion

Netfly helps institutions and individuals to promote their videos online in the most effective ways. Netfly helps its clients to maximise the reach of their videos by pushing it on the web through numerous marketing approaches so as to generate significant number of views. 

Everything about Netfly is so novel and inventive. Be it the innovative strategies we introduce, the creative ideas we generate or the cutting-edge technical expertise our members are gifted with, Netfly has brought into the scene various ground-breaking means that helps videos to reach its audience. We’ve proven our mettle time and again and are on a constant endeavour to achieve nothing short of excellence in all our missions.

What we do

There are plenty of amazing talents around who are coming up with productions that are simply awesome. We do our best to give their geniuses that extra bit of push that could take their work to the world. Mostly, they get confused as to what promotional options they should follow to achieve the desired results. We help them out in ways more than one.

We distribute these videos to all platforms via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and also through mobile apps and Blogs, helping them to reach to over 300 million people via our network. Our network of partners targets every age, gender, demographic, interest, location and platform and ensures that your video is seen by the right people by making use of highly sophisticated targeting tools. What makes our service all the more effective is the fact that you can set your own criteria to ensure that your video is seen by the right people. Besides, you can also optimize the performance of your video by adjusting your targets in real time basis, monitoring the responses closely.

Watch your video fly high

Every video is made to be seen; and treasured. But in a world deluged with thousands and thousands of them, very often it so happens that a good one fails to reach the people promptly.

Don’t let your video too sink in the flood. Netfly is here to help you out. All you need to do is hand over your video to us. We will take it to where it deserves to be – in the minds of millions of people across the globe.

The online video market is shooting up!

Have you ever wondered about the potential that online video marketing has got? Then it’s high time you did; simply because the scope that this industry offer is going high and high, per day. It has become practically impossible to think of an online marketing movement if not supported by videos.

Recent studies state that the sum of data consumed each month by online videos will be more than quadruple by 2016, which is over 45,000 petabytes. According to a research conducted by Interactive Media Strategies, corporate spending on hosted or software-as-a-service based solutions for video is expected to grow at a rate of 47% from now through 2015. Annual spending on hosted services for video is expected to mount to $697 million by the end of 2015. This huge growth is anticipated to come from all sectors and company segments over the next few years.

This would subsequently result in an increased ad spending over the next few years. The great news is that the number of ads being watched by users is increasing; giving these forecasts a solid push. As of December 2012, the time spent watching video ads has totaled 4.1 billion minutes. Video ads are occupying a major chunk of the total videos being watched by users globally.

These promising figures tell why you need to quickly move into video productions and stand a chance to gain from the benefits it offer. At Netfly, we are always a keeping a close watch on these market trends and variations, enabling your videos to be pushed through the right channels so as to generate maximum views and thereby more income.

Forget piracy

Piracy is a big hindrance that has come in the way of online video promotions. Every year, several billions of dollars are being drained away through the channel created by online pirates. It has had a negative impact on the movie industry across the globe and the box office results. Also, it has badly affected the flow of revenue in the online video promotion sector as well; a factor that has trumpeted the need for stringent measures to curb the same.

Netfly ensures that your video is safe from all hazards of online piracy. We get your video copyrighted and protect it safely in the best possible manner. While distributing your intellectual creative property, we make it fully sure that it is spread in away that would assure that your content is fully under the protection of copyright, not letting the pirates make use of it.

It’s yet another value that we add to your online video promotion kit; and an advantage we power you with. 

High points

•    We give you access to real time analytics
•    We provide options to see where your videos are being watched.
•    We ensure absolute transparency.
•    We offer exceptional customer support.
•    We respond quickly to meet all your needs.